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At Optimal Performance Clinic we use our experience from working with professional athletes and teams to quickly help busy professionals, active Vancouverites, and other elite athletes get better.


We treat the UNDERLYING cause of your pain from a multi-disciplinary approach to alleviate your pain.

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Some clinics have practitioners that treat multiple patients at the same time. Here, we only treat 1 patient at a time to ensure optimal results.

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Our extensive initial assessment, team approach, and 1 on 1 care result in significantly shorter recovery times.

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Chiropractic Care, Sports Injury Rehabilitation, and Gait Analysis in Burnaby

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Welcome to Optimal Performance Clinic located in Burnaby’s Brentwood neighborhood. We are highly skilled and experienced professionals that pride ourselves in providing one-on-one patient centered care.

It’s our philosophy that a true team approach can provide a level of assessment and treatment that is unsurpassed by any single professional. With this mindset, we are able to offer an individualized, comprehensive, and successful treatment plan for every patient. We center our treatment plans around YOU, with a focus on recovery, prevention, and performance enhancement based on a biomechanical model. Our integrated team has had success in assessing and treating the majority of soft tissue (muscle, tendons, and ligaments), nerve, joint, and bone injuries throughout the entire body. This approach has given us great outcomes for so many of our patients.

Optimal Performance Clinic currently works with numerous athletes in the National Hockey League (NHL), National Football League (NFL), Canadian Football League (CFL), Athletics Canada, as well as National and Olympic Athletes in numerous sports. Our team of professionals also have experience providing treatment at the Olympic Games, Pan American Games, Commonwealth Games, NFL Super Bowl, and Track & Field World Championships, over the last two decades. We all aim to utilize this experience with elite athletes to provide the best care possible for all patients – including the office worker and the weekend warrior.

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  • “When I was working on the sidelines of a football field, I was only given minutes to get the athlete back on the field. It's no different at my Clinic - we focus on QUICKLY restoring the body's proper movement, which in turn alleviates pain for the busy professionals, active Vancouverites and elite athletes.” 

    Dr. Elna Johnson
    Dr. Elna Johnson Clinic Owner

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We always warmly welcome new patients into our office. Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions or book an appointment directly online.

Phone: 778-372-8330
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  • “Thanks for not only getting me healthy but keeping me healthy during a long season. See you this summer!”

    Willie Mitchell
    Willie Mitchell LA Kings, NHL
  • “Thanks for all your work!”

    Geroy Simon
    Geroy Simon CFL MVP, BC Lions
  • “I’m going to throw my back out just to come see you… YOU’RE THE BEST! Thanks for everything.”

    John Cusack
    John Cusack Actor, Producer

At Optimal Performance Clinic we use our experience from working with professional athletes and teams to quickly and effectively help busy professionals, active Vancouverites, and other elite athletes restore their health.



Restore proper tissue function by correcting normal mobility/ glide between soft tissue & nerves with this hands on technique.



A whole body biomechanical (movement) assessment used to diagnose muscle, nerve and/or joint injury.



Correct and enhance running performance!

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