Clinical Pilates

We treat the underlying cause of your pain to deliver quick and long-lasting pain relief.

Clinical Pilates

We treat the underlying cause of your pain to deliver quick and long-lasting pain relief.

What is Pilates?

Pilates (or “Contrology” as it was initially called) is an exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century that engages the mind to create whole body movement patterns that strengthen muscles, increases flexibility and improves overall health. Joseph Pilates originally created his training system as a method of improving his own health and fostering his impression of the ideal man by matching a strong, well trained physique with a strong, well trained mind. Core strengthening, improved balance, flexibility, coordination and stress reduction and rejuvenation can all be achieved through regular Pilates training.

Pilates training can create a long, lean appearance, toning muscles without excess bulk. Exercises are performed with a focus on the breath, proper form and alignment, creating efficient movement with economy of effort and a sense of ease. Balance is created throughout the body by lengthening muscles that are short and tight (ex. hip flexors, chest muscles) and strengthening what is weak or overstretched (ex. the upper back, core abdominals and hip stabilizers).

The exercises are low impact and relatively safe, often done lying down or sitting, with equipment or on the mat, and there are many options for modifications making Pilates appropriate to anyone wanting to learn to move better and improve their quality of life. Those who train with the Pilates technique will find their centre, a place from which they can then move more powerfully. Through regular practice, one will begin to find the joy in movement through the flow and creativity of the technique, allowing each exercise to be an exploration experience, fostering a healthy body, mind and spirit. Over time, one will develop their ability to move with strength, while allowing for a sense of ease and grace.

  • “When I was working on the sidelines of a football field, I was only given minutes to get the athlete back on the field. It's no different at my Clinic - we focus on QUICKLY restoring the body's proper movement, which in turn alleviates pain for the busy professionals, active Vancouverites and elite athletes.” 

    Dr. Elna Johnson

    Dr. Elna Johnson Clinic Owner

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  • “Thanks for not only getting me healthy but keeping me healthy during a long season. See you this summer!”

    Willie Mitchell
    Willie Mitchell LA Kings, NHL
  • “Thanks for all your work!”

    Geroy Simon
    Geroy Simon CFL MVP, BC Lions
  • “I’m going to throw my back out just to come see you… YOU’RE THE BEST! Thanks for everything.”

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    John Cusack Actor, Producer

Pilates sessions can be for the purpose of:

  • Physical fitness – improving flexibility, strength, stability, balance, coordination, posture, core stabilization, and posture, developing long, lean muscles
  • Correction of inefficient and degrading movement patterns
  • Sport specific training for performance improvements
  • Conditioning for pre and post-natal health
  • Active rehabilitation
  • Prevention of injury
  • Reduction of upper body tension
  • Stress relief
  • Reduction in back pain
  • Increased body awareness
  • Better concentration
  • Increased circulation and function of the respiratory system
  • Overall health
  • Improved confidence

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