Gait Analysis

We treat the underlying cause of your pain to deliver quick and long-lasting pain relief.

Gait Analysis

We treat the underlying cause of your pain to deliver quick and long-lasting pain relief.

At Optimal Performance Clinic we use our experience from working with professional athletes and teams to quickly and effectively help busy professionals, active Vancouverites, and other elite athletes restore their health.


Some clinics treat multiple patients at the same time. We only treat 1 patient at a time to ensure optimal results.


We've been in business since 2006 and have helped thousands of Vancouverites eliminate their pain.


Our extensive initial assessment, team approach, and 1 on 1 care result in significantly shorter recovery times.


Our patients love us! We're an award winning clinic with great reviews online.


What is Gait Analysis?

Dr. Elna Johnson has a significant amount of experience in correcting and enhancing running performance in all sports. Not only does she draw a wealth of knowledge from her personal experiences and training as an elite level sprint hurdler, she also focused much of her research through school on the biomechanics of running. She also has worked closely with UBC’s Track and Field Team, as well as Athletics Canada National and Provincial BC Teams. She is able to detect small imbalances or weaknesses that can lead to significant future problems or reduced performance. If you wish to improve your gait in order to prevent injury or to increase running efficiency and speed, a running analysis with Dr. Johnson is an indispensable tool.

Benefits of a Gait Analysis

A running analysis will enable you to run/walk faster, longer and more efficiently. It will also reveal any weaknesses and limitations you may have. The improved running technique you will achieve following your gait analysis will also reduce your risk of injury and enhance your performance.

Session #1 – Collection of Data (30-40 minute in-person appointment)

The first in-person session will consist of Dr. Johnson completing a thorough history, as well as a biomechanics evaluation, functional screen, and physical exam, based on the information she collected via your intake form and history. This will allow for better detection of any other issues that may be impeding your performance and/or gait. This is something that makes Dr. Johnson’s  gait analysis unique and much more effective at getting runners back to running pain free.

Session #2 – Analysis of running footage provided 

Dr. Johnson will analyze and review the video footage provided prior to the initial session in detail, in order to identify any biomechanical faults and/or areas where performance could be enhanced.

Unfortunately, this is no longer an in-person session. Due to COVID-19, we now ask that our patients provide Dr. Johnson with their own video footage.

Video footage requirements: it is recommended to record an average of 10-15 seconds from behind, from the front, and the side while running at a light tempo. The entire body needs to be visible in the video. It is ok to run on a treadmill or outdoors, but ideally it should be recorded in the environment where you normally run. If you remain unsure of what’s required, please contact the clinic for more guidance.

Session #3 – Analysis of all data collected

Dr. Johnson will combine the results collected from the initial appointment as well as the video footage provided, in order to complete a report of findings that will outline a plan to achieve your desired goals.

Session #4 – Review of Findings (30-40 in-person appointment)

In your second in-person session, Dr. Johnson will review the findings and explain your results. You will be provided with recommendations to resolve your running issues, and/or improve your running performance. Your report will contain prescribed exercises and stretches to help you correct imbalances, improve form, speed, endurance, and prevent injuries.

Total Cost – $500

  • “When I was working on the sidelines of a football field, I was only given minutes to get the athlete back on the field. It's no different at my Clinic - we focus on QUICKLY restoring the body's proper movement, which in turn alleviates pain for the busy professionals, active Vancouverites and elite athletes.” 

    Dr. Elna Johnson

    Dr. Elna Johnson Clinic Owner

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