Willie Mitchell – NHL (Vancouver Canucks/LA Kings/Florida Panthers)

“Thanks for not only getting me healthy but keeping me healthy during a long season. See you this summer!”

Geroy Simon – CFL (BC Lions, CFL MVP 2006)

“Thanks for all your work!”

Kris Schjelderup – Professional Training Coach, Oakley 100K Del Sahara Finisher

“I had tried everything to get over a long lasting IT band injury and nothing seemed to work. I honestly didn’t think I would run anything over 5km again. It wasn’t until I finally went in for an assessment, got fit for the right custom orthotics and started using the Trigger Point Therapy products, that I had the confidence to enter such a major event as the del Sahara 100km run across the Sahara Desert. I finished pain free!”

John Cusack – Actor/Producer

“I’m going to throw my back out just to come see you… YOU’RE THE BEST! Thanks for everything.”

Davis Sanchez – NFL/CFL

“In my 13 years of professional football both spent in the CFL and NFL I have come across many good therapist. Dr Munoz is one of the best and when I have an issue I always have full confidence that she can get it resolved and have me on the field as soon as possible.”

Dr. Vincent Puccio – DPT

“After a challenging and rewarding weekend I performed ART on my first patient Monday morning. A woman with a shoulder injury with adhesive capsulitis. I had gotten her about 90% however she still lacked some ER and FF and reported some discomfort in the upper arm. After one treatment with ART she reported a significant reduction in symptoms and her ROM was full in both ER and FF. To say that I am happy having taken this course is an understatement. I will definitely be registering for all ART courses. Dr. Michael Leahy is brilliant. Thank you once again for a wonderful learning experience. Every instructor was excellent in his/her own way.”

Anton McKenzie – CFL

“Dr. Munoz has helped my body and my career tremendously. She worked on my high ankle sprain which I had in 2010 and as of now I have no problem with my ankle what so ever. She also has worked on both of my hamstrings and now I’m playing games without getting wraps or have to wear a hamstring sleeve. she has worked wonderful on me and I am thankful I came to see her to further my career.”

Dr. Henry Chung – MD, FRCPC

“For two years I saw many different physios, chiropractors and RMT’s for my back pain. I was unable to walk even half a block. Thanks to Dr. Munoz’s expertise she got me walking again in just a few treatments. I only wish I had found her sooner!”

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